Let's Celebrate Music | Prep School

The theme chosen for the evening this year was ‘Let’s Celebrate Music’ and over 200 pupils from Years 2 to 8 took to the stage to perform music from across the world.

Mixed groups of pupils danced, sang and played throughout the evening. We enjoyed lively Sega dancing from the Seychelles; a spectacular performance of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ played on the xylophone by selected Year 7 and 8 pupils; the ‘African Rhythm’ by the drumming ensemble; a French folk song, ‘Au Clair de la Lune’ by the combined Year 4 and 5 ensemble of recorders and ukuleles; and ‘We are the Children’ performed by the confident Pre-Prep choir.

The Prep Orchestra took us to South America with their performance of ‘Havana’ and the Prep Choir inspired us with the Christmas Canon and ‘Kusimama’ sung in Swahili.

Thanks to all the hours of practice pupils and their families have completed, the MCM team who created and supported the event, and of course our three musical maestros of Mr John Chitambo, Mr Phillip Monk and Ms Robyn Saunders who inspired, cajoled and encouraged pupils to create an outstanding evening’s entertainment.


On 5th December the music department held an incredible concert with more pupils participating than ever before. From lively Sega dancing to a spectacular performance of Christmas Canon by the choir and two violinists, the performance was one to remember. Directed by the marvellous Mr Chitambo with the help of Ms Saunders and Mr Monk, they brought in a crowd of beaks, parents and children who all loved the show. Some of the biggest highlights were ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ played on the xylophone by the some of the Year 7 and 8 pupils, the drumming ensemble, and ‘Joy to the World’ performed on the ukelele with wonderful singing. What was so spectacular about the performance was the showcase of so many pupils who had all worked so hard to pull the whole show together. The hours of hard work and practice by the pupils definitely paid off because the evening ran smoothly.
– Juliette Bhogal, Ella-Mae Cox and Emi McLaughlin

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