Early Years' Nativity | Nursery & Reception

Wednesday the 4th of December saw the Early Years’ Nativity performance. A colourful twist on the traditional story with the telling of the birth of Jesus through the eyes of the Malaysian Rainforest animals. Mrs Stevens narrated the journey of Mary and Joseph travelling to Bethlehem but re-imagined in the rainforest. The reception classes were some of the rainforest’s bigger animals. RCC pupils were orangutans and RAW children were tapirs. In Nursery, Ocean class pupils were tree frogs and Forest class children were hornbills. Following the shining star, a friendly elephant led the animals around the forest, to bring their gifts to Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, The family were thankful for the gifts – a branch to keep them dry, healthy fruit to eat, feathers to make the bed soft and cool water to drink. Musical accompaniment from Mr Monk and Mr Chitambo heard an array of traditional songs with an added Malaysian Rainforest influence.

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