Boarders Christmas Supper 2019

71% of our planet is covered by water… so this year the Boarders Christmas Supper was transformed into a submarine wonderland. Jelly fish and streams of bauble-bubbles floated above the tables twinkling in the blue light. Glittering fish and a large octopus, wearing a Santa hat, watched over the tables and a Christmas tree, adorned with blue decorations, stood above a collection of peculiar anemones. The guests entered through waves of fabric and were seated at tables named after seas from across the globe. The ladies made a splash with their beautiful dresses while many of the boys came appropriately prepared, accessorizing their suits with swimming goggles and hats.

The dinner itself was marvellous. Catering cannot be thanked enough for delivering such a delicious three course spread, contrasting the traditional Christmas meal with an under the sea-themed blue cheesecake for pudding. Bubbles were blown into the air, adding to the feeling that we tucking into our food on the ocean floor and each House, like industrious crabs, helped serve and clear each course. In between courses speeches were given by representatives from the junior and senior houses. Juliette Bhogal gave an eloquent summary of what the Iskandar girls have been up to this year. Farlie Willett followed with Taylor’s version of “The Night Before Christmas”, using rhyming couplets to describe what the boys have enjoyed. This year it was Munawir’s turn to do the speech for the seniors. Head of house Alex Tan led a team of boys (Jordan Tan,Shell, Timothy Whang, Hundred and Ashley Seakins, U6) who all gave their insights into boarding life. Ashley finished his speech with a touching tribute to their junior resident house tutor, Mr Dempster, who is leaving at the end of this year.

As the evening drew to a close, hot chocolate was delivered to give everyone a sweet kick, just in time for the competitive singing of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Miss Saunders accompanied the carols on the piano and we finished with a rousing rendition of O, Come, All Ye Faithful. It’s hard to know if this is what Christmas is really like under the waves but accurate or not, everyone had a fantastic time.

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