Straits 7s Rugby U12,U13, and U14

On Saturday, 16th November, the first Rugby Straits Tournament of the year was played. With three year groups and a lot of anticipation we readied our teams as best we could. The U11 side found the going tough but got a win under their belt. The U13s had some very close matches and were competitive throughout with the local speed too much for us on the wings. The U14s were very impressive and produced win after win to progress to the final. There they went 14-0 up but struggled with the pace on the wings. Overall, a magnificent day where rugby was certainly the winner.

Well done to all competitors.

Winners – wildcats
Runners up – AIS
Plate – SK Nong Chik
Bowl – KL Tigers
Winners – Tasek Utara
Runners up – SMK Laksamana
Winners – SMK Kelapa Sawit
Runners up – MCM
Plate – KL Tigers

With special thanks for additional photographs from Paul Tyrer.

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