Prefects Social 'Disney'

On the evening of Friday, 15th November, the Prefects planned and hosted the annual Hundred and Remove Social, this year following the magical theme of ‘Disney’. The Prefect body worked tirelessly for weeks planning and organising an enchanting event encompassing all that is Disney, and now came the time that this hard work was displayed. The central aim of the night was for the Hundred and Remove pupils to get to know each other and create a jubilant start at the beginning for this new cohort.

After weeks of preparation, the theatre was transformed into a spellbinding Disneyland with hand-made decorations symbolising iconic movies ranging from ‘Sleeping Beauty’, represented by roses and strategically placed beds to ‘Snow White’, represented by scattered apples and fruit baskets. Upon arrival, the extravagantly dressed guests were greeted with nostalgic Disney musical numbers whilst the photographers for the evening made their rounds for quick photo booth opportunities. Once everyone was settled and whilst the glistening Disney Castle overlooked the dance floor, the Remove and Hundred were treated to a band performance by the pupil-led band named Moon Pool, who courageously performed their own musical numbers. During the performance, the audience danced along with full energy whilst singing along to the lyrics, exuding enthusiasm. This vibrant energy lasted throughout the whole evening with the supply of pizza that was provided by the Prefect team. Following the pizza treat, the hosts for the evening, Darcy Tomlinson and Rachel Fulton announced the best-dressed individuals who displayed the most creative and inspiring Disney costumes. Congratulations to all those winners, it was most definitely deserved! After such an eventful night, the evening was rounded off by an engaging disco provided by the DJ of the night, Shyam Bhuller, who managed to engage all the pupils with his creative musical line-ups.

Overall, the aim of the night was successfully achieved, which was to forge closer friendships amongst this new cohort whilst also introducing them to traditional senior school socials. Great thanks goes to the Prefect Body and to Mr Holden for organising such a memorable evening –  it was certainly the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’!

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