Lectern Club | The Secret to Happiness

On the evening of the 11th of November, the second Lectern Club of the year was held at the Master’s Lodge, and was attended by keen Sixth Form pupils as well as a small number of invited guests, including Mr Eatough, Mr Clarke, Mr Mason and Miss Poots. Six Sixth Form pupils took on the theme of “The Secret to Happiness”, presenting insightful and stimulating speeches expressing their perspectives on the theme.

The night began with Ernest Ong’s speech entitled “What is Happiness?” in which he explored the importance of inner happiness, encouraging the audience to look at ourselves and be grateful for what we have. Nicolas Lim then addressed the importance of giving back to the community, and how helping others can guide you to happiness with his speech “I have found the secret to happiness”. Finally, Asyirah Kamal Hisham concluded the short speeches with “Happiness, Disguised” in which she explored a very personal aspect of her life, and how having an encouraging team behind you at all times, is the key to having a content lifestyle and the secret to happiness.

After an appetizing main course, the long speeches commenced with Anushka Agarwal’s passionate speech “Simply Put”. It dived into a personal perspective about being content with what you currently have and conveying the idea that your lowest point might still be much better when compared to other people. Wenjing Yap then followed with “The Sisyphean Search for Happiness” in which she analysed the Greek myth of Sisyphus, focusing on the idea of the journey being more important than the end goal. She taught us to enjoy the ride, and to smile along the way or else the novelty of reaching the peak will wear off very quickly, leaving us in a desperate search for more. The evening’s speeches concluded with Hector Lim’s “Balance in Happiness”, in which he expressed a unique viewpoint on the nature of happiness, presenting the idea of outer and inner happiness, and encouraging the audience to find a balance between the two.

After great deliberation, the Master and Mrs Stevens, along with guest judges Sophia Ho and Martin Easterbrook declared the winners to be Asyirah, Nicolas and Hector, with there being a draw for the short speeches. All speeches were captivating and perceptive, however, these speakers shone through in their originality, presentation and engagement, earning them a place at the next Lectern Club as guest judges. It was a wonderful, thought-provoking evening and we hope that the next one is just as fantastic.

Sophia Ho (U6) & Martin Easterbrook (L6)

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