IGCSE Devised Performances | Hundred

On Wednesday, 27th and Thursday, 28th November, the Hundred IGCSE drama pupils were given an opportunity to showcase their talents in a performance evening of devised work. They all worked efficiently throughout the six week process to create an original 15 minute piece of theatre from a chosen stimulus. The varied and imaginative ideas on display were testament to the pupils’ resilience and determination to present their ideas in a creative and innovative style. The stimuli chosen by the pupils ranged from Pablo Picasso’s painting Guernica, the mathematician Alan Turing, a Banksy piece of graffiti art and Tracey Emin’s installation entitled ‘My Bed’. They rose to the challenge of performing their pieces over two consecutive nights and were warmly received by both audiences. Congratulations to everyone involved for their hard work and commitment. The grades will form part of their overall IGCSE Drama course.


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