Climbing Competition Camp5

On Friday, 22nd November, MCM pupils took part in the first ever climbing competition specifically for schools in Johor, organised by Camp5. Pupils from the Prep and Senior Schools took part, battling some tough competition and some difficult new routes that had been set up specifically for the competition.

Pupils did particularly well, capitalising on months of hard work during training sessions, and achieved the following places:

Junior girls: 1st (Lois Lee)
Junior boys: 1st (Oliver Butterwick)
Senior girls: 1st (Eilidh Matthews & Larissa Thomas (equal), 2nd (Shannon Xu), 3rd (Imogen Kerr)
Senior boys: 1st (Julio Arola), 2nd (Yao Dong), 3rd (James Murray)

The climbing team would like to thank Mr Shaw, Ms Celeste, and Mr Gray for helping to organise the competition, and particularly Mr Lain for the many hours spent setting challenges for us on the bouldering wall. The team is now training hard for competitions in KL early in the new year.

MCM pupils who want to try climbing are able to start the sport by signing up during one of the Games or Activities seasons.


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