Remove | Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay

Currently, Remove pupils are studying plants; how they transport materials, how they exchange gases and acquire nutrients. So, on Tuesday, 8th October, 90 pupils boarded three coaches to visit over 1,500,000 plants in Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.

We were lucky enough to visit both the Flower and Cloud Domes with our guides who were informative on the different environments, structures and adaptations that plants have in order to flourish. The Domes were cool and welcoming for both us and the plant species within them and we were pleased we timed it perfectly to be in the cloud dome when the misting began so that we were able to get as close an experience as we could to being up in a cloud forest, without needing to be 1000m above sea level.

After our tour the opportunity and excitement of being able to enjoy an ice-cream was too tempting for many and it was a nice way to end our trip before heading back over the border to MCM.


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