Senior House Matches | Season 1 2019

The College Season 1 House football competition got underway, with a round-robin format taking place between both the boys’ and girls’ houses. The event was carried out in the best of spirits with some truly excellent support shown by players and spectators alike. A special mention must go to Steel House, whose outstanding and ceaseless support would have made any Premiership football team proud.

The threat of the lightning alarm was looming in the air but wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of either those competing or spectating. However, sadly due to a sudden downpour, the remainder of the afternoon’s fixtures were postponed until morning games. With the individual age groups being completed on Monday the results were combined to reveal the overall winners of season one sport.

U15 – Sheppard
U16 – Wills
U18 – Thompson

U15 – Steel
U16 – Honan
U18 – Wallace

Both the Boys’ and Girls’ Tournaments were closely contested with several age groups going down to goal difference. Overall winners in the 2019 House Football were Thompson House making the newly appointed Housemaster Mr Gardner a very happy HM and the newly formed girls house Steel clinching the overall victory in only their second year as a senior girls’ boarding house.

Well done to all who took part in what has been a fantastic opening, inter-house sporting event for the Senior School. We now turn our attention to Season 2 rugby for the boys and touch rugby for the girls. We will also be competing in badminton, climbing, triathlon, basketball and tennis.

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