Outreach Prep School Disco

The Outreach Prep School Disco was held on Friday evening, 11th October and raised RM2154 for general Outreach funds. This money will go towards the Christmas gifts for the children of the Rotary Orphanage that MCM likes to give every year.

The disco was a fantastic event led by pupils in a Sixth Form CAS group, who surpassed themselves with their professionalism and superb teamwork. Morgan Davies and Ally Marwee, both in the Upper 6th worked extremely hard to pull the evening together with Mrs Church and Miss Donaldson. Pupils from Years 7 & 8 donned their best ’70s disco outfits and fully embraced the spirit of the evening, sporting punk, hippy, glamour and tie-dye ensembles. Mr White, Head of Year 7, won the award for Best Dressed Teacher, wearing a very flowery ’70s style jacket. The first venture of this kind saw the Senior School disco turn into a great night club venue, equipped with disco lighting, balloons and awesome tunes. Pupils and staff who danced the night away could be heard chanting for more ABBA and Ariana Grande at the evening’s close.

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