Year 5 | Michelangelo

Year 5 pupils are studying the life and works of Michelangelo in Art this term. They have been given the task of painting the Sistine Chapel the same way the artist did centuries ago; on his back, painting up at a ceiling!

This has been an exciting challenge that has allowed the pupils to experience just how difficult it would have been for the artist. Copying from successful works of art is a way to connect with the thought process, the techniques, and the choices that previous generations of historically famous artists made.

Pupils are having fun while learning to build a foundation of artists’ techniques, such as composition and colour, which will inspire future work. Problem solving skills of matching colours and mixing paint have been an exciting challenge. Working on such a large scale has made pupils use critical thinking skills to work out what the different lines and shapes represent.

Like most enjoyable learning experiences, I’m sure this will prove to be a meaningful and lasting one.

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