Pupil Voice

The Pupil Council meetings are running over the course of the next ten days at MCM.
All meetings are run by our College Prefects and they report back to SMT on the matters raised by our day pupils and boarders.
All Houses (day and boarding) are represented at the meetings through:
Eco Council – 2 pupils per House;
Food Council – 2 pupils per House;
College Council – 4 pupils per House.
The Prefects organise a rota so that the considerable workload is shared and all are fully engaged in establishing a positive climate for listening to pupils and recording key matters arising for discussion with the College SMT.
The emerging issues from the Eco Council are reducing waste at mealtimes and becoming more efficient in our use of electricity. Houses are now looking at proposals as to how we can improve in these areas. These proposals will be presented to the Prefects and the College SMT.
The College Council shared suggestions on “What do I want from my tutor?”. The tutor:tutee relationship is fundamentally important at MCM for ensuring all pupils are able to flourish throughout their time at the College. A tutor is there to help tutees balance their academic workload, achieve to the best of their ability in their studies and in their co-curricular activities, develop a social conscience, show compassion, kindness, and an interest in others and the world outside. A big ask but we are blessed with excellent tutors in teams led by outstanding Housemasters and Housemistresses. Although there is a wealth of experience of tutoring within the College, it is still important for us to look to learn from the pupil voice, and to refine our tutoring model so it is informed by current pupils and enables them to excel.
We also have Food Committee and the new catering company will have the opportunity to hear from our day pupils and our boarders both in Senior School and in Prep. The feedback they get will be extremely helpful as they adapt the overall catering provision to ensure that we are providing pupils with healthy, nutritious and popular options at all mealtimes.
These meetings allow the pupil voice to be heard, and by listening to our pupil body both day and boarding and, in conjunction with our Prefects and staff we will engage and move forward as one.


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