Johor Tigers Clinic

On Wednesday, 25th September, it was Marlborough’s distinct pleasure to welcome the Johor Tigers to the College campus. The purpose of the visit was for Marlborough pupils to benefit from the expertise and experience of the U19 Tigers, which they shared with us generously.

The clinic itself comprised three different components for which pupils were split into six groups.  Each group was allocated two Tigers to help them improve their skills. The session commenced with quick passing drills and mini-games. We then moved on to playing matches against the other groups. After that, we received a talk from the head coach of the Tigers. This was both interesting and rousing.

As we spent time with them, we learnt how important it is to collaborate, share ideas and listen to other people’s advice and points of view. I could say with a fair degree of certainty that the pupils who participated in the clinic have come away from the day having learnt new skills and having enjoyed the company of new friends. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to have the Tigers back again. Here’s to hoping that the Tigers return to Marlborough College very soon!

By Meredith Regan, Shell


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