Wallacea Expedition

The first MCM expedition on Operation Wallacea set off for Sulawesi from Court on 29th June and returned on 14th July. The two weeks were action packed and full of wonderful moments and experiences that will linger long in the memory. The two weeks were split between a rainforest camp in North Buton and a marine reserve in Hoga (within the Wakatobi Reserve). It took two days to travel there (and back) but it was worth every minute. The five boys who were the MCM ‘pioneers’ loved the activities, the physical challenges; the friendships struck up with the two schools that shared our itinerary (one from Berlin and one from Madrid) and meeting the many staff who contributed to our enjoyment. The lush green rainforest was truly spectacular and we certainly learnt why it is called a ‘rain’ forest in the first three days of torrential downpours. Despite the soakings our spirits were not dampened and we enjoyed all the treks, the lectures and the flora and fauna. We were, however, quite relieved to have the second week in a tropical beach paradise so far from anywhere. The diving, snorkelling, lectures, seminars and tours were extremely informative and great fun. We had two weeks of ‘full on’ activities in the footsteps of Alfred Wallace (an OM and the person after whom Wallace House is named); how the man spent eight years on active research all over the Malay Peninsula in the 1850s is quite remarkable. We all agreed at the end of the expedition that this really should be run every year so others can benefit from such fantastic experiences. We certainly have lots to share with the rest of the College in terms of stories and pictures when we get back after the summer holidays.


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