IB Diploma Results 2019

The results are in for Marlborough College Malaysia’s International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme candidates and the scores have once again surpassed world and Asia Pacific averages.   The MCM pass rate was 98.5% compared to 77.4 % world-wide, and 89.7 % in the Asia Pacific region.

Moreover, MCM candidates had an average score of 36 points, soaring past a world average of 29.6 and the Asia Pacific average of 33.  Of the 68 IB Diploma candidates at MCM, 17 had scores over 40 points, which represents 25.4% of the IB cohort, compared to 9% worldwide with such a score.

This year, Marlborough is proud to announce that James Gibson, one of the College’s Senior Prefects, and Ji Hoon Lee achieved the highest IB Diploma score with an impressive 44/45, placing them among the top 1% of students worldwide who have attained such an extraordinary result. James will enter Oxford next term to study Theology and Ji Hoon will be attending KAIST in Korea.

“The achievement of these young scholars is testament to their focus and hard work, and to the teaching and professionalism of the committed beaks who have supported them, providing an exceptional educational experience to each one of them during their time at Marlborough,“ said Mr Alan Stevens, Master of the College.

MCM offers a “non-selective” entry into its Sixth Form, which makes these outcomes particularly commendable. We also offer an exceptionally broad range of subjects which is unusual among schools in the region.

“We are delighted that our 2019 Sixth Form students, like so many MCM alumni, leave us to enrol in some of the most demanding and competitive universities globally. These include Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, King’s, UCL and a host of eminent research-led universities in the UK and throughout the world, as well as specialised institutions such as the renowned University of the Arts in London.” said Mr Stevens.  “I am proud both of their results and, even more importantly, of the fine young men and women whom they have become.”

These outstanding results also tell a story of commitment, personal resilience, and engagement with a broader world. Whether in the completion of a 4000-word Extended Essay research paper, committing to charitable work within our local community, curating a public exhibition of one’s artwork, or learning a language from scratch, IB students are absorbed in authentic challenges to the intellect and the character. Historical investigations, mathematical explorations, geographic fieldwork, economic commentaries, orals in world languages, theatre research – such learning cannot be done by memorizing facts and figures. It is accomplished by being positively inquisitive and taking intellectual risks, the hallmarks of Marlborough College Malaysia and of an education that is fit for the 21st century.

For more information about MCM’s Sixth Form and IB Diploma Programme, please contact our Admissions Department at Admissions@marlboroughcollege.my .

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