Year 8 Science Fair

Monday, 17th June, was the much-anticipated Year 8 Science Fair. The pupils had worked diligently in small groups on a scientific investigation of their choice. They had spent the previous week working through the scientific method, planning, observing and recording data, analysing, drawing conclusions and evaluating. On the day, pupils displayed their findings and presented their work to the Senior School Science beaks who were judging the event. The judges were very impressed with the overall quality of the investigations in terms of the pupils’ ability to follow the scientific method and their scientific language when asked probing questions. The Prep School beaks awarded ‘Fruit Batteries’ the highly commended award. The individual room winners went to ‘How does the colour of light affect the rate of photosynthesis?’, “Detergent Wars’, ‘How does the density affect how high a ball bounces?’, ‘How does the amount of dishwashing liquid affect how quickly a bubble pops?’ and ‘Do different liquids affect how quickly apples go brown?’.

After much deliberation the Senior School Science beaks awarded ‘Detergent Wars’ the title of overall winner. I would like to thank the Senior School beaks for giving up their time to judge the Year 8 Science Fair.


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