Year 8 '80s Party

The Year 8 party! What can I say? It was a fantastic moment in my life. As I entered the party area, I was straight away transported back to the ’80s. Speaking of which, that was our theme. I saw all my friends and teachers dressed in ’80s fashion which was different and exciting to see. Some had worn funky and colourful clothes like neon skirts with black leggings or denim jackets. Everyone was smiling, laughing and having the time of their lives. There was glitter and streamers everywhere. Silhouettes of men dancing stuck to the pillars which definitely complimented the ’80s theme. Just as we thought this all was ’80s enough, there was even a DJ mixer and our DJ – Mr Hawkins. He was exceptional!  There was even a photo booth, where everyone, including me, took lots of pictures. People were playing volleyball, badminton and handball. We loved spending time with our friends and teachers. After some time, we all gathered together and played some group activities. We all sat behind one another and did a classic ’80s dance, including the teachers, then we all stood in lines categorised using our form groups. Our challenge was to get an orange from one end to the other without using hands; the first form to get to the other end was the winner. It was a thrilling game although the orange was dropped a few times! We also danced and enjoyed the ’80s themed music playing in the background. Not long after, we had a barbeque dinner. There was lots of delicious food, from burgers to pineapple rice and juices. It was all appetizing and mouth-watering. After dinner, to top off this great evening, we played a kahoot, which was about guessing the person in Year 8 using things that are interesting about them. That was fun and definitely an evening to remember.

Simran Sharma | Year 8


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