The Big Draw 2019


This year the Big Draw theme was One College, One Family. That meant you could draw anything to do with school, and anything to do with your family, for example, school books, Beaks or your parents and cousins. The Big Draw was also better because there was a timetable where two classes came in at a time with their Pengawas, providing not only an opportunity to draw but also getting to know their Pengawas a bit better! I made so many new friends in other year groups at the Big Draw which meant we were living the theme. We learnt so many things about each other’s families and friends, what sets they were in and what their strengths and weaknesses in a subject were. I know that my weakness is drawing, and I’m always a little self-conscious about my drawing, but during the Big Draw I didn’t care whatsoever, because I was having so much fun connecting with other people and making new friends.

At the end of the Big Draw Miss Dalton took the objects and put them around school, showcasing our drawing skills and making MCM a more unique place to be.

By Harriet Appiah Metcalf


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