Prep Sports Day

As the storm clouds invaded our skies for the 24 hours beforehand, Prep Sports Day was in grave danger. Yet as Friends of MCM set up their tents and the inspections of the track began in earnest, the rains stopped, the air calmed and Sports Day was ON!

At first the Year 3 and 4 pupils arrived full of enthusiasm and with an energetic bound in their step. As they rotated through short and longer distance races, throws and jumps they enjoyed competing and showing off their athletic abilities. Following this, the temperatures stayed lower, with a cooling breeze and the Year 5s and 6s wandered to the track with determination in their eyes. Unfortunately, the Tug of War had to be abandoned, yet the 100m, 200m and 600m races were keenly fought with some outstanding performances. The children have taken to athletics with great enthusiasm and I am so pleased it has highlighted some more unique skills from varying competitors.
Finally, the afternoon saw the mass influx of Year 7 and 8 pupils, who were given options of events so they could perform in events that they have enjoyed and persevered with. They chose maturely and with a full programme including high jump, shot put, javelin, triple jump we were able to witness an excellent athletics meet. The atmosphere was wonderful and performances quite outstanding. Jemima Appiah-Metcalf (Y8), Matt Nam (Y8), Darcey Prendiville (Y7) and Will Harrison (Y7) dominated the shorter distances while Sammy Patten and Olivia Lennard where amazingly strong in the longer distances.

Overall, the pupils can be exceptionally proud of their efforts and performances. Over 400 children were selected in 80 events over six hours of athletics – an amazing day.

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