Prep School M-Factor


On Monday, 10th June, MCM Prep School had its annual talent show known as the ‘M-Factor’.  All of the houses were represented in true style, with a large variety of performances. Comedy, singing and beat-boxing were just some of the talents demonstrated during the hour-long show.  Having Mr Anderson, Mrs Mooney and Mrs Eaton-Jones to judge the talents was a real honour and they had the difficult task of trying to decide on only three winners out of the eleven performances they watched.  After our very own Ms Olivia amazed the audience with her voice, singing “You’re the Inspiration” by Chicago, the judges deliberated and they announced the two runners up, Charlie Gaal of Merlin and Ryan Soo of Hunt. The Prep winner, Bertie Gibson from Seymour, played a piece from memory on the piano. The Pre-Prep winner was Jamie Cheng from Chichester, with a sassy dance to Meghan Trainor’s “Me Too”. In the group category, Innes Yee and Xin Lee won, playing the ukelele, singing and beat-boxing.  The overall champion for M Factor 2019 was Jamie Cheng. Thank you to the judges; Ms Brooke for being an excellent MC; and Ms Cowley and Mrs Browne for an outstanding show!


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