Lectern Club

On the evening of the 17th of July, the third Lectern Club of 2019 was held at the Master’s Lodge, with respected guests including Ms Rich, Mr Arscott and Mr Glynn. It was truly a night of conversation and companionship accompanied by delicious food prepared by Catering. Six Sixth Form pupils took on the topic inspired by Winston Churchill’s quote, “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind” and all contributed stimulating speeches of either 4-5 minutes or 7-8 minutes. The night started with Ella Mercurio’s speech, which explored mankind’s timeline of innovation and how we can always depend on raw human nature to improve and innovate. Emilio Thomas addressed the immediate need for action with climate change with his speech, ‘One not so simple step’, explaining the influence of media and the demand for global unity, in order to still have an empire left in the future. Julanie Koh closed off the Short Speeches with ‘Futuristic Innovations’ explaining the passion behind every innovation, which was reflected by how passionately she spoke. The second part of the evening, following an appetizing main course, commenced with Nannarelle Hundertmark’s speech, where she took an enthusiastic approach to how society has succumbed to social conformity. Timothy Tsirtsakis followed with a similarly engaging speech about the intentions behind our actions on social media. Adrianna Adams concluded the evening with a heartfelt talk on the power of knowledge, and how innovation all stems from integrity and intelligence. Whilst the guests enjoyed lemon meringue for dessert, The Master and Mrs Stevens, along with two guest judges, Shyam Bhuller and Nhu Nguyen, went off to discuss one of the toughest decisions yet. All speeches showed an intelligent and captivating approach to Churchill’s famous quote, however, Adrianna Adams’s and Ella Mercurio’s speeches shined through and won their respective categories.

Nhu Nguyen |  Lower Sixth


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