Senior House Challenge 2019

This year’s House Challenge final took place in Assembly on 12th June between Wills House and Wallace House. Wills had vanquished Butler and Honan en route to the final, while Wallace defeated the might of Sheppard and the smarts of Steel.

The format was simple: each team was asked 30 questions with correct answers scoring two points and incorrect answers seeing the question put to the opposition for the chance for an additional point. Teams consisted of four members and had to contain representatives from the Shell, Remove, and Lower 6th year groups.

Wallace House was represented by Sophia Riaz (Shell), Isabella Harkins (Remove), Zara Faruki (Remove), and captain Wenjing Yap (Lower 6th). Meanwhile, Wills House was represented by Hugo Gatignol (Shell), Hafiz Ahmad Nazhri (Remove), Jonathan Yip (Lower 6th), and captain Agung Mann (Lower 6th).

The final was a thrilling affair with both teams going toe-to-toe in an event that in terms of excitement matched anything that University Challenge has to offer. The first ten questions to each House were a cagey affair with the lead changing hands on multiple occasions. Wills demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the seven wonders of the ancient world, mathematical functions, and sequels to modern literature classics, while Wallace had the edge when it came to etymology, modern pop music, and Biblical tales.

However, in the middle stages of the competition, Wills managed to pull into a commanding 10-point lead, answering some tough questions on topics such as currencies, previous popes, and video game music. Although Wallace had moments of brilliance such as identifying composers from sheet music of classical pieces, naming famous scientists and describing medieval medical practices, they were unable to bridge the gap and Wills House were the victors by a score of 43 points to 32.

A huge thank you goes to Miss Rich for her scoring input, and Mr Scott and Miss Gueganton for their excellent work as quiz-masters.

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