Year 7 Edible Park

On Thursday, 2nd May, the Year 7 pupils went on a Geography field trip to the Edible Park. Located in Medini, the park offers a perfect close-to-home example of sustainable tourism for our pupils who spent their Lent Term exploring sustainable tourism in Kenya and Brazil. It was wonderful for them to explore an example of this a little closer to home. Upon arrival at the park, students were briefed on the sustainable nature of the park which includes the use of solar lights, environmentally friendly refrigeration methods (no air conditioners!); zero-waste policies and the collection of rainwater. From there, and with much excitement, we were led on a tour of the park community garden and farm which remained true to its name. Most of the plants grown in the park are edible in some form and pupils were given the opportunity to taste a wide variety of plants and plant products from citrus to peppercorns and flowers. After touring the park and learning about more aspects of sustainable living and sustainable tourism, such as the composting of all waste products; planting of flowers to encourage bees; and the Green Market held at the park on a monthly basis; the pupils were given the opportunity to learn about the best type of soil for planting. They were also given the opportunity to try their own hands at mixing soil, taking plant cuttings and planting them. All pupils enjoyed getting their hands dirty and made sure to take special care when handling their new plants.The trip ended with a short debriefing session in the Green Cafe where pupils were reminded about the key aspects of sustainable living and tourism that Edible Park aims to uphold in Iskandar Puteri.

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