Year 2 Great Fire of London


This week, our Year 2 pupils stepped back in time to the 17th century.  As part of their Humanities topic on The Great Fire of London, the pupils had the chance to explore it through hands-on learning. The pupils arrived at school in a wonderful array of costumes, perfectly encapsulating the period they had been studying. There were chimney sweeps, chandlers, baker boys, spinsters and even the Great Fire itself! The pupils began the day in the bakery on Pudding Lane, measuring ingredients and kneading dough to bake into bread, which they later enjoyed eating. They then took part in some traditional games and enjoyed the challenge of ‘wheelbarrow’ races and hoop rolling. Next, they had their handwriting lesson in which they wrote with quills and ink and marvelled at the laborious nature of the writing. They were then transported to the Great Fire itself through the magic of green screen and enjoyed using ‘17th century’ props such as leather buckets and axes. To finish off their experience the pupils then brought the Tudor houses they had been making outside to make Pudding Lane itself. The houses then experienced the fateful Great Fire itself.  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their day and developed great empathy for the people at the time of the Great Fire of London.


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