Hockey Straits Tournament 2019

Last Saturday saw the inaugural straits hockey tournament take place here at Marlborough. Interest and participation in hockey has been growing at the College over the last couple of years, and over the past twelve months, in particular. Hockey officially launched as a Performance sport at Marlborough College this year and has enjoyed great success and excitement throughout all age groups. The Marlborough U13s and U16s boys and girls teams were certainly competitive in their matches against more experienced opposition. The U16 girls did exceptionally well to reach the semifinals against SJ Girls, who were the eventual winners overall. Thank you all 28 teams who competed on the day, a huge congratulations should be extended to the four age group winners listed below in our inaugural straits hockey:

U13 Boys – HCMPGG kids

U13 Girls – SMKTHO

U16 Boys – SDBL

U16 Girls – SJ Girls 

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