Hair-raising Day

Iskandar House organised a ‘hair-raising day’ on Friday, 17th May, to raise funds for the House Charity: The Humane Society. The Humane Society is an international charity that helps animals that are being abused.

All Pre-Prep and Prep pupils were invited to come into school with crazy hair. This included hair accessories, gel, hats, wigs, hair chalk and hair spray, and everyone was encouraged to be as creative as possible. In order to participate pupils contributed a donation of MYR 5 or SGD 2.

In total, the girls raised MYR 2101. A tremendous effort from Iskandar House in uniting the Prep School in a common cause and having a hair-tastic day!


“Walking into school and seeing everyone with these amazing, creative hairstyles was really awesome. It was a really fun and effective way of raising awareness for the Humane Society” – Meredith Regan


“A creative experience to share laughs, smiles and funky hairstyles” – Amy Carrington


“It was fantastic to see the school involved in an event organised by Iskandar House and it was fun to witness the creativity and humour throughout the day,” – Miss Brooke


“The Iskandar girls drummed up enthusiasm and support for this event by designing colourful posters and advertising this initiative in a pupil assembly. The Prep and Pre-Prep pupils made superb efforts to style their hair and it was wonderful to see so many beaks joining in the fun as well.” – Mrs Finn


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