Cloud 9 Writing Excellence

Paul Moss is a teacher and the creator of a new revision/resource website called ‘CLOUD 9 WRITING’ that is specifically designed for students of GCSE and IGCSE English Literature.  He has been teaching for 13 years and has a following of over 4,000 people on Twitter. He uses the platform to connect with other exceptional teachers who strongly value sharing best practice to enhance their own teaching and deliver the best teaching experience to their pupils.  ‘CLOUD 9 WRITING’ is designed to showcase high-quality writing, to not only inspire the pupil who has their work on view but others too, who will read it and be inspired themselves.

The main ethos of the project is to stretch and challenge pupils to produce their best work.  When students see both their own work and other students’ high-calibre work online, they undoubtedly gain confidence in knowing their work is valued and are motivated to reproduce writing of equally high quality.  MCM is thankful to Paul for setting up this initiative, for sharing best practice and for allowing our pupils to see their work being published online amongst their peers worldwide.

Paul writes, “Students need to submit an adroit and accomplished response for their work to be added to the site. The categories are essays and creative pieces, and the number of essays currently available is growing every day. The plan is to have hundreds of essays that will inspire students from all over the world. I am especially pleased to note that Marlborough College is the first international school to be included in the project.”

He continues, “Students reading work from across the world exposes them to a wide, diverse range of viewpoints and thinking, thinking influenced by culture, location, and gender. As an added bonus, after some time, students’ work will remain, for posterity; how many times have you read a student’s work, been blown away by it, but end up never seeing it again?”

Another message from a teacher who has a student on the site has said, “I really strongly believe in sharing the resources. I’m fortunate to work in a school where the students are generally well motivated and achieve great things.  At times they absolutely exceed expectations – as do all students. I don’t empathise with a mindset that says “don’t share that”. It’s a hugely powerful teaching tool to get students to read others’ essays to improve. I would like colleagues on a wider scale to have access to the full range and that’s why I think what Paul Moss is doing is so valuable.”

Please enjoy reading Jackson McNaught’s Creative Writing and Mr Tapp’s pupils’ work on Charles Dickens’ ‘Hard Times’.  I am sure you will be thoroughly impressed at the level of accomplishment of which our young people are capable.  I was certainly blown away by work that would not look out of place on a Sixth Form course.

You can follow Paul Moss on Twitter @edmerger.


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