ServICE Conference

On the 26th and 27th of April, seven Lower Sixth pupils travelled to Singapore to attend the annual ServICE conference at the Canadian International School. The conference was held to ‘Inspire, Connect and Empower’ pupils to tackle global issues, and was centred around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The three main goals we focused on were No poverty, Decent work and Economic Growth, as well as Reduce Inequalities. Over the span of two days, MCM pupils took part in a number of workshops, simulations, collaborative challenges, as well as participating in the community fair.

An important takeaway message from the conference came from the keynote speaker D’arcy Lunn, who founded the organisation “teaspoons of change.” We learnt about how the making of small but significant daily choices by a large number of people, can amount to a big difference to global issues and how as a College, we have the ability to make great changes and that starts with us as pupils to initiate that movement towards a more sustainable future. MCM pupils attended talks by a variety of organisations who work towards youth engagement in the sustainable development goals, supporting migrant workers in Singapore suffering from abuse and human rights violations, food wastage, poverty and more. These organisations reported what they have been doing to prevent these issues from happening and how we are able to work with these organisations as well.

The community fair allowed MCM to exhibit the large number of service activities in the school, as well as to get ideas and be inspired by the work that other pupils are doing in their schools. We also had the opportunity to talk to the different organisations individually and form connections that we can collaborate with at our school. The talks and activities, as well as being surrounded by pupils wanting to make a difference, inspired us to re-form an eco club, which will work to different Sustainable Development Goals to the ones on which we focused.

Maya Menon | Lower Sixth

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