World Mathematics Championships

On the weekend of the 1st to the 3rd of March a team of three pupils from Shell represented Marlborough College Malaysia in the World Mathematics Championships qualifier for South East Asia. The event was held in Singapore at the Institute of Management and our team were supervised by Miss Hughes. The event allowed 180 keen mathematicians to cooperate and compete against each other in a series of challenging and exciting rounds.

“ The World Mathematics Championships was an eye-opening experience where I was exposed to individuals that had the same passion for math as me. I learned how to work collaboratively with people I was familiar with and people I had never seen before. I was presented with challenging tasks that required me to think creatively and outside the box as well as demonstrate my knowledge in all aspects of math. The inspiration round involved a creative approach to math because we had to find curves within the campus. We presented our finding through engaging mediums. Overall, this was a wonderful opportunity for me to experience the wonders of math with my friends.” – Kaitlyn Strika

The three MCM girls Sophia Riaz, Kaitlyn Strika and Dimansa Ralapanawa demonstrated tenacity and mathematical skill working with some very demanding material under pressure. Of particular note was Sophia’s progress through to the quarter final of the dueling competition, demonstrating both good knowledge and strategy.

“The most enjoyable thing of the competition was the duel round where we played a two-player strategy game, one on one; in fact, everyone enjoyed it! I also really enjoyed rounds with running such as the lightning round and the pursuit round because it made the maths challenge more active and lively instead of traditional exams where you are seated in silence. Overall, the entire competition was enjoyable as we got to explore the university campus, meet new people and learn new things.” – Sophia Ria

The event organisers commented on the girls from MCM for their positivity and cooperative nature and awarded them a special medal for their willingness to assist with the organisation. Clearly an education at MCM helps develop the soft skills that are so useful in addition to academic excellence. The Mathematics department plans to send further teams to this competition at all levels, so keen mathematicians should look out for the opportunity.

“I would definitely recommend WMC to anyone. Not only did we enjoy the maths we did but we got to work with new people and make new friends from several different countries. We learned how to think quickly and always have a positive mind when doing anything. At the same time we did physical activities in which we had to work quickly as a team. Overall it was a tough but great experience and it was definitely memorable.  If I got another chance I would definitely go again, so I would recommend the WMC to anyone.” — Dimansa Ralapanawa

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