Treasure Island

Year 5 and 6

During the last week of Lent Term Year 5 and 6 took to the high seas in search for buried treasure, for their production of Treasure Island. The tale started with Young Jim Hawkins being given a treasure map by a mysterious sailor and who then sets sail on an exciting adventure. Among the crew, however, is the mutinous one-legged pirate, Long John Silver, who has his own plans for the loot.

The cast amazed their audience with their energy, enthusiasm and passion for telling the stirring story. The play, performed in the Prep school handball courts, was accompanied by an adventurous set and some wonderful projections. Highlights included shadow puppetry, incredible singing by the cast and even a trip to nearby Rawa Island.

The pupils loved every minute of it and the joy of storytelling radiated from them on the stage.

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