Prep Merit Winners Afternoon Tea

It was a very pleasant way to end a Wednesday. Myself and approximately 11 other children had been selected to have tea with our wonderful Master. We walked in and were greeted very pleasantly by an assortment of drinks and food. We sat down and greeted the Master and then we stood up again and got some drinks – I got my personal favourite, ice lemon tea.

We then sat down and engaged in some very interesting conversation whilst I “expertly,” if I do say so myself, cut the cake. We indulged in scones with jam and cream, or just plain scones in my case, and talked about upcoming events in school such as the play ‘Treasure Island’ which has now passed. We also talked about books and movies and some particular paintings in the Master’s Lodge, as well as the splendid view from the Lodge, looking over the numerous pitches and fields; we then talked more about the now named Barton Farm. We could see the farm from the Lodge and then talked about the chickens and the future of the farm and what animals might come next. It was then time to go, and everyone tried to finish their last cup of ice lemon tea and stuffed a scone or two in a pocket or their mouth, to then proceed to individually shake the Master’s hand and say our numerous thank yous after a splendid afternoon some wonderful food.

By Lochlann Branney, Year 7

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