Prefects Afternoon Tea

The outgoing Prefects were fortunate enough to be hosted for a splendid Afternoon Tea with the Master and Mrs Stevens at the Lodge. We were treated to delicious scones with jam, scrumptious sandwiches and an incredibly yummy carrot cake which disappeared rapidly.

It was a lovely opportunity for us to reflect on our time as Prefects, our selection a year ago seeming like a distant memory. As we are now coming to the end of our time at the College, we spoke about the diverse pathways that each of us are hoping to take. I was enthralled by the range of places to which we were all aiming to go. Conversation as usual covered a broad range of fascinating subjects, from intellectual discussions on the benefit of hydropower to what one should put into a carrot cake.

It was a perfect way to celebrate not only what has been a fantastic term but also an incredibly busy year as a College Prefect. The Prefects would like to thank the Master and Mrs Stevens for their lovely hospitality, support and guidance.


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