MCM House Plasticine Challenge

This week to celebrate World Book Day the  Senior School Library ran it’s annual Great British MCM House Plasticine Challenge. All the Senior Houses took part with the only prerequisite that entries were book related and of course, as the name suggests, made out of plasticine. Each House produced the most amazing creations ranging from Hamlet to The Ugly Duckling and Tai Pei People to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The Queen of Hearts (Mrs Eaton-Jones) kindly agreed to judge the competition along with Mr Eatough, but it was a tough decision as the standard was so high. Fortunately for Mr Eatough, they both agreed on the winner and so there was no command from the Queen of  “Off with his head “.

Natasha Goh’s incredibly simple but beautifully made The Handmaid’s Tale was the overall winner, making all the ladies of Steel House very proud.

The fun did not stop there though as the Library Committee ran a charity cake sale alongside the competition. Pupils happily ate lemon drizzle cake, cookies and cupcakes whilst admiring their fellow pupils handiwork. The committee made over 450 Rm, which was a  fantastic achievement. The money will now be put to good use, buying books for a local school ‘s library.


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