Pi Day 2019

On Thursday, 14th March, the College celebrated our annual Pi Day. Throughout the day, pupils were exposed to Pi and various mathematical concepts, with each new lesson developing from the notion of Pi as they went from class to class and even in the dining hall, where they enjoyed the slightly less mathematical but far tastier Lamb and Pumpkin Pie.

One of the challenges on the day was memorisation, in which pupils competed to see who could recall the most digits of Pi.  In an unbelievable show of recall and mental prowess, many of our pupils were able to recall Pi’s digits without error to past that of the 50th digit. It is, however, with great pride that we congratulate our top achievers in the prep school showing their mental might, Terry Gan at 514 digits and Alex Lamba with an extraordinary 605 digits! Six competitors battled in the Senior School to reach the target of remembering 30 Pi digits to get a merit, with Natasha Johnson (Honan Hundred) joining the Hundred Club with an impressive 108 digits. The senior school record of 520 digits remained intact this year but Rock Deng (Sheppard Remove) showed promise and through strain and sinew, worked his way to an astounding 302 digits!

In the Senior School, the pupils baked pies in the Pi Day version of the Great Marlborough Bake Off. The elite judging panel of College chefs sampled the amazing bakes which were later sold and earned a total of RM1,000 which as donated to Comic Relief.

Video Editing by Wenjing Yap, Video Filming by Rachel Fulton and Julanie Koh



Best Tasting Pie (Honan)

Best Designed Pie (Steel)

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