Outreach Picnic

On Saturday, 2 March 2019, 47 children from St Christopher’s Church and the Calvary Welfare Center in Johor visited Marlborough College Malaysia for a picnic and fun afternoon of activities. Our guests were able to enjoy a variety of activities including swimming, climbing, music, art, sports and dance.

Our visitors were separated into four teams, which mixed children from both organisations with Marlborough pupils. This allowed us all to play and interact together. The day started off with a light lunch prepared by the junior boarding houses and Mrs Tomlinson. Many of the children seemed to have enjoyed the variety of delicious foods provided by the school, especially the curry puffs and chocolate muffins.

After lunch, we separated into the different groups to start the activities. Swimming alongside the face painting activity was held at the Pre-prep swimming pool. Many volunteers assisted the children in the swimming pool to ensure their safety. For lots of the children, you could see this was a new experience, which thrilled and delighted them. Also new to many of our guests was climbing at the Senior School climbing wall. It was a pleasure to see how many of them enjoyed challenging themselves and found the experience extremely exciting. For those who were a little timid our older MCM volunteers gently encouraged them to dip their toes in the water or reach out for the next handle on the wall and build up their courage.

In art, the children were given the opportunity to make pencil toppers out of clay which they were able to bring home. They also enjoyed a music workshop which taught them how to play instruments such as the djembe and the maracas. The children joined in a game of dodgeball at the Pre-prep covered area and they loved dancing in the Green Hall. All these activities had been planned and were led by MCM Outreach volunteers. Yasmin Abdul Razak coordinated the entire occasion, with support from the Outreach beaks.

Many of the pupil volunteers enjoyed this event tremendously and found it very rewarding. The sun shone all day and the children never ran low on energy, but their enthusiasm was infectious. It was good to see over 50 pupils from Prep and Senior School involved. Outreach volunteers were able to help out in many ways, either preparing the picnic, decorating the area with bunting, leading activities or even tidying up. We hope that the children will return to Marlborough for yet another day filled with fun and games. It is our pleasure to give back to the community.

by Alysha Azhar

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