MCM IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2019

The biggest exhibition of IB Visual Arts was opened on Monday, 18th March. One hundred and eighty-two fantastic artworks were on display across two venues, as the number of pupils electing to take Art at Diploma level has meant we have outgrown the Morris exhibition space, and have now taken over the LRC. What an incredible dilemma for the Art department to have!  Fourteen talented artists displayed a wide variety of artworks, ranging from the more traditional mediums such as photography, painting and drawing, to truly breakthrough work with projections, body casting, weaving, resin, and digital design. Students were prompted with two themes, Identity and Global Issues, from which to springboard and the diversity of their outcomes and material choices could not be more inspiring. The audience continually commented on the high level of work on display as well as the variety of works. Many thought it was as good as any professional exhibition they had attended in Singapore and London.


The course requires each young artist to curate his or her own space following a focused theme and to conceptually communicate their ideas in an original way. It took six full days to hang all the artwork and I am beyond proud of what they have achieved. My sincere congratulations go to Hani Aswandi, Jay Chew, Chiara D’Orfeo, Natasha Goh, Stephany Kim, Jackson McNaught, Carolina Nina Matos, Tess Siah, Darren Teoh, Ariel Tong, Victoria Yeo, Azfar Azhar, Anya Belcher and Angelina Gao. For some, this will be their last formal time of studying Art, and they have truly ended with a high. For eight of our cohort, who are going on to pursue the creative arts at a higher level, this is merely the start of a wonderful road ahead.


The opening of the exhibition was well attended by parents, pupils, beaks, and senior management. It provided an opportunity for the artists to engage their viewers with further insights into the creative works on display. The exhibition is on full display until the end of term and is well worth visiting for the quality of the artworks and the powerful messages conveyed.


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