Lectern Club

On Monday, 11th March, Sixth Form pupils participating in the final Lectern Club of the Lent Term, together with Mrs Ashworth, Mr Finn and Mr Cowie, gathered at the Master’s Lodge, anticipating an evening of delicious food and stimulating speeches.  They were not disappointed as six first-time speakers from Lower Sixth took to the lectern.    Humaira Hisamuddin (Steel) commenced proceedings with her speech entitled ‘The Uncertain Paradox’ in which she explored the anxiety of not knowing what is in the future, encouraging the audience to remember to dream and live in the moment.  Sophia Ho (Butler) in ‘The future is what you make it’ took a scientific approach to the topic, explaining the concept of remembered future scenarios, with wonderful imagery.  Nhu Nguyen (Steel) concluded the Short Speeches with ‘ What if?’ in which she explored how technological advancement could be used to improve our memories by creating a biological hard-drive, together with the inherent dangers associated with altering and deletion of those memories.

Akmal Fikri Omar Farouk (Munawir Hill) led off the Long Speech category, with a very personal and engaging speech entitled ‘Memories and people’ which focused on the role of memories when you are far away from family and the importance of creating good memories.  Alex Tan (Munawir Hill) in ‘The judgement of past, present and future’  took a humorous look at the unreliability of memory and the unpredictability of the future, but with a clear message to learn from the past; and the evening’s speeches concluded with Shyam Bhuller (Sheppard) and his ‘Greetings from 2070’ in which he made an evocative plea to everyone to protect the environment and change the negative predictions for the future.

After great deliberation and with the assistance of guest judges, Agung Mann (Wills ) and Natasha Goh (Steel), the winners were declared as Nhu Nguyen (short speech) and Shyam Bhuller (long speech) for their originality, presentation and engagement.  Congratulations, however, to everyone who took part and thanks to all the guests who supported the speakers.  We look forward very much to next term for the final Lectern Club of the season.


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