IB Theatre Showcase

March 7th saw an exceptional evening of drama with performances by our IB Theatre classes from the Upper and Lower Sixth.


The evening opened with the Lower Sixth piece, ‘Stories of another us’, which was a highly poetic performance exploring snapshots of love, life and regret, of victims of the Holocaust. The pupils had begun their project by looking at the devising process of the theatre company DV8, as well as using the Budapest based sculpture of ‘Shoes on the Danube Bank’ as their starting point. With mindful sound design and imaginative movement sequences, the audience was visibly moved by the sensitive handling of the theme.

The Upper Sixth then changed the pace and atmosphere of the evening as they presented ‘Bless ’em’, which explored themes of crime, punishment, justification and gender while wondering about misconceptions of feminism. Their starting point of the last interview given by the executed serial killer Aileen Wuornus led them to thoughtfully consider their intended impact and led to bold choices concerning gender segregation in the audience seating. With a Boal inspired Forum Theatre style ending they challenged audience members to make a judgement call and were rewarded for their efforts with some insightful feedback during the following question and answer session.

The Collaborative Project makes up 25% of the IB course at Higher Level, in which pupils must create wholly original works in a group and focus on the four key roles of creator, performer, designer and director. The practical performance then gives them the basis for the written analysis and reflection which must be completed, in which they assess the effectiveness of their own individual contributions.

It is a testament to the determination and commitment of these pupils that we saw such strong displays of theatre, and they should be congratulated for their collective efforts.


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