Sulawesi Relief

On the 2nd to 5th of February, Sari Wilson returned to Sulawesi to deliver MCM aid to the most needed areas hit by the natural disasters of Indonesia in recent months. This time she purchased sewing machines so that the people of the community can create an income for themselves. MCM funding allowed Sari to hire an instructor who was able to teach the villagers how to use the sewing equipment that was bought from the RM 11 000 raised through the art auction in November 2018. Sari tells us that the gifts were received with great emotion and gratitude. She described their joy and optimism as they participated in the workshop that was provided. They are looking forward to a better and brighter future.

So far  MCM and Friends of MCM funding has funded the following:

  • Tambu village ( Return journey takes six hours to Palu) – here some families lost their houses and in October 2018 suffered from a landslide

Marlborough College Malaysia – Outreach donated Sewing Machines

  • Pantoloan village

Marlborough College Malaysia – Outreach donated a Welding Machine, which was received by the Head of the village, and a welding skills workshop.

  • Kawatuna village

Marlborough College Malaysia – Outreach donated to enable a home industry to make a Fried Onions business. (famous food from Sulawesi). 

All these three programmes will be monitored by Sari and her team in Sulawesi. They are determined that the projects are sustained and grow into successful businesses for the local community in the future.

Sari sends her deepest gratitude and thanks to MCM and Friends of MCM for their ongoing support.

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