MCM University Fair 2019

Marlborough College Malaysia’s Hundred, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth pupils were particularly fortunate to be visited by 65 university representatives from nine different countries, at this year’s University Fair held on Wednesday, 27th February. Indeed, pupils were able to ask questions and get key information from institutions from the UK (English, Scottish and Welsh universities), Australia, Canada, US, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

The LRC and Library were transformed, into an exhibition hall and allowed MCM pupils exclusive access to some of the admissions representatives of the world’s top universities. The exhibitors’ stands were buzzing with many enthusiastic and highly pertinent questions from our ambitious pupils. King’s College London, Bristol, Leeds, Melbourne, New South Wales, Queensland, INTO USA & Canadian representatives, were all kept particularly busy!

Pupils also had the opportunity to attend six different workshops during the course of the afternoon, and I would very much like to thank the representatives from Southampton Malaysia, Cardiff University, King’s College London, Shorelight Education USA, and Dundee and Glasgow Universities, for providing such highly relevant, thought-provoking and engaging presentations to our keen pupils.

The day was a huge success and showed that MCM’s pupils are highly sought after by the world’s leading institutions. We are extremely grateful and indebted to the many contributors who helped to make yesterday’s event such a valuable experience and crucial part of our pupils’ decision-making process, as they research their post-18 options and, hopefully, make well-informed and realistic decisions.


Timothy Tsirtsakis

"First of all I would like to say thank you on behalf of L6 for such a great University Fair.  It was great to see such variation in the universities and to be able to have so many top universities here was incredible.  There were so many universities that I was a bit overwhelmed but it was great to have teachers and coordinators like Mr. MacDonald to help guide me to my sessions and individual universities.  It was hands down the best University Fair that I have attended in my life!"

Olivia Ramsay King

"Although I already have an idea of which universities I would like to go to, the Fair allowed me to think about more options and talk to my top choices on how to strengthen my personal statement and to look at my preferred courses in more depth. I also attended the “Study in Scotland” talk, which gave me a wider insight into other universities as well as learning more about the culture and history surrounding them."

Maya Menon

"I found the University Fair very informative as it helped me understand the wide range of opportunities and different directions that I can go within my interests in Art and Design. The variety of talks were extremely useful, and I found the 'learning how to write a personal statement' talk by King's College extremely beneficial, as it prepared and helped me understand the process of application in more depth."

Darcy Tomlinson

"The University Fair is always is a great way to open your mind to the endless possibilities of the future, an opportunity to understand what you truly want to do with the rest of your life and how and if university is going to help you do that. Personally I found that despite being told much of the same things I have heard from other places and universities themselves, it is encouraging to know that I am on track to achieve what I want to achieve and get out of IB what I want to get out of it so that I can then exploit this in university. One such thing is that I have continually noticed how the IB programme gives me more opportunities especially at a Master’s or PhD level as I am able to use my background in subjects such as economics which I have studied to a higher level. All in all I feel the University Fair is an experience every school must have as it allows those who are perhaps not thinking too hard about Uni life to perhaps start doing so, as sooner or later we will all be arriving on campus for our first year of further education, wherever that may be."


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