Matilda the Musical

On Saturday 23rd and Tuesday, 26th February, Prep and senior trips were made to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore to see the highly acclaimed Matilda the Musical.


Senior School Music and Drama Trip

“It was a fantastic example of how music and theatre can engage an audience, and has given our exam pupils much to think about as they write about live performances. Everyone agreed it was an exceptional show and we hope to run more joint trips in the future as the evening was a great success all round.” – Charlie Inskip Head of Drama

Prep School Years 5, 6 & Prep Boarders

“In Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands’ recent showing of the hit Roald Dahl book Matilda caught the eye of MCM, so Years 5 and 6 went to see the production with some of the Taylor and Iskandar pupils also coming along. As we sat down at the theatre and waited, we could appreciate the incredible set design. The amazingly put together parts around the stage left pupils in awe of how many words everyone could find hidden in the scenery. In general, I think the set design was one of the most fantastic parts of the show; the way it fit together, the satisfactory colours and the well constructed pieces complemented each other to create a masterpiece of engineering. As well as that, the child acting by nine year old Sofia Poston was amazing. Despite her young age, she performed almost perfectly and completely stole the show. Although her accent was frustrating to gauge at first, we got used to it and she showed how she was able to overcome challenges set by her age. All in all, the play was really funny, we had an enjoyable afternoon and I would totally recommend it!” – Farlie Willett


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