Visit by Malaysia's Minister of Education

Marlborough College Malaysia was the destination for a recent visit by YB Dr Maszlee Malik, Malaysia’s Minister of Education. On Sunday 10th February, Dr Maszlee and a group of senior guests from the Ministry of Education and Iskandar Investment were given a tour of MCM’s extensive site by the Master, Mr Alan Stevens and the Deputy Head Pastoral, Mr Magnus Cowie.

The Minister was pleased to learn of Marlborough’s unique position as a non-franchised and not-for-profit British school which, despite its UK roots, invests all surpluses in educational resources.

During his visit he spent time at Barton Farm, the College farm which has been supported by the Friends of MCM, and he appreciated the importance of it as a curricular and co-curricular resource for pupils of all ages. Dr Maszlee also visited Taylor House where the Housemaster, Mr Andy Gough, explained both the developmental value and the fun that children derive from boarding at MCM. The Master and the Minister also discussed the importance of Outreach by Marlborough pupils and their continuous and growing altruistic contribution to the local community, embedding important values for the future.

Having signed the College’s visitor’s book, the Minister passed his good wishes to all the staff and pupils of the College, noting “keep up the good work.”


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