Kinabalu Reading Challenge

At the end of last term the Senior Library and English department launched the MCM Kinabalu Reading Challenge for Shell and Remove pupils, the aim being to encourage reluctant readers to become confident and enthusiastic book lovers.

J.K. Rowling once said “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book”.  It is certainly true that as well-meaning adults we can destroy a child’s love of books by stopping them from reading what they enjoy, or by giving them worthy-but-dull books, the 21st century equivalents of Victorian “improving” literature.  Here at MCM the Kinabalu’s approach is to highlight the simple delights that can come from reading. To enthuse our children we recognised  the choice of titles would have to be broad enough to appeal to all tastes and so the selection available has one or two classics,  but also stories about vampire slaying, battling racism, climbing mountains, adventures into space, requited love and the hidden clues to success in sport, to name but a few.  The pupils have also been given the challenge of going ‘off piste’ by selecting two books they would like to read, but not found on the challenge list.

Shell and Remove have all been given a Kinabalu book mark which is stamped every time a pupil finishes a book and discusses with a member of staff.  Pupils then place an initialed ‘reading rock’ (a small square picture) on a much larger mural of Kinabalu, displayed on the Library Reading Room wall. Pupils can see their progress as they ‘climb’ Kinabulu and to keep up their energy for the expedition there are a few chocolate rewards on the way.

The pupils’ painting of the Kinabalu mural has been progressing wonderfully, under the guidance of Mrs Gallagher and very soon will be ready to receive its first reading rocks…. so watch this space.

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