Health, Fun and Fitness Day 2019

On Friday, 15th February, the entire Prep School was off-timetable for a day full of activities centred around health, fun and fitness. The aim was to educate pupils about the importance and benefits that exercise and a healthy mindset can have on your lifestyle, whilst promoting it as something that is fun and enjoyable. Throughout the week, pupils took part in lunchtime challenges which allowed them to try something new each day. The School Council prepared facts about health and fitness which were displayed around school in a bid to educate the pupils about the importance of exercise and health. The day was a huge success with all pupils involved in a diverse range of activities from zorbing to mindfulness colouring and from water polo to first aid training. The Director of Sport in the Senior School, Mr Lennard performed an outstanding assembly on the ‘Sporting Mindset’ at the end of the day to leave the pupils feeling inspired after a busy day of activities. Health, Fun and Fitness Day 2019 was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff and reminded us all of the immense enjoyment that can come from exercise and from leading a healthy lifestyle.

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