Singapore National Gallery Trip

On 22nd January two buses of excited Hundred and Remove artists departed MCM on a trip to the National Gallery in Singapore. The highlight of the trip was an opportunity to see the impressive ‘Minimalism: Space, Light, Object’ Exhibition. Minimalism first emerged as a movement in America in the 1960’s and emphasis was put on how an audience interacts with an artwork and the space it fills. It has been a very influential movement and the exhibition had engaging artworks from 1960’s to the present day from the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. To ensure everyone got as much from the experience as possible the Remove had tasks set that related to their new theme of ‘structures’. This included taking photographs of the impressive architecture of the gallery and surrounding buildings. The Hundred had just received their exam papers from Edexcel which set the theme of ‘Reflection’. This gave them a focus as they explored the varied exhibitions. I was impressed at how focused our artists were and the wide range of artworks, views and objects that inspired them. The National Gallery has an extensive number of exhibitions and there was much excited chatter on the bus on the way home as everyone discussed all the different artworks they had discovered and the new ideas emerging for their own artwork. The trip would not have been possible without the assistance of Mrs Gallagher, Mrs Eatough, Mr Bostock and Mr Prime and we hope they enjoyed the art as much as we did.




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