Pre-Prep Health Education Talks

We recently welcomed Mr Edmund Chong, from Flexzoom opticians at Gleneagles to the Pre-Prep School. Mr Chong gave an interesting presentation to all the children about simple tips for healthy eyes. We learned the importance of reading with proper lighting and limiting the amount of time spent using a screen, such as an iPad or laptop. The Pre-Prep children were then given free eye screening tests, with advice and recommendations for optimal eye health and vision. This was part of an ongoing series of health education talks following on from the visit by Dr Jolene, a local dentist from Pink and White Dental Clinic, who came to the Pre-Prep school during the Michaelmas term. This was a helpful talk to the children about dental health care with children learning about the importance of regular brushing and a healthy, low sugar diet. The talk was followed by a dental check-up for many of the children. We enjoyed both visits and learning about how we can best look after our eyes and teeth.



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