Outreach Desaru Beach Clean-Up

On Sunday morning, 27th January 2019, enthusiastic Outreach volunteers departed from the school grounds to Desaru coast for yet another beach clean-up.  This term’s clean-up was attended by over 80 people, consisting of 78 pupils and seven staff from both Prep and Senior Schools.  Upon arrival, each and every participant put their energy towards accumulating the shocking amount of waste and unused items that lay hidden in the sand, the small stream and in the small patches of grass around the area.  Smiles, laughter, and conversation sparked all around as bags got filled up to the brim.  Pupils were also thrilled to observe some wildlife by the ocean, from hermit crabs to little clams.  After an hour and a half of being windblown by the strong seaside breeze that afternoon, the volunteers had succeeded in collecting approximately thirty bags of trash, alongside a wrecked wooden tabletop and a rusty, old sign.  Their growling stomachs were later fed with a scrumptious lunch at Tunamaya Resort, and all participants were treated to an hour of cooling down in the pool, a game of volleyball by the beach, and simply relaxing with peers around the hotel grounds.  It was a delightfully fruitful clean-up, an awareness-raising event, and of course, another step towards making the world a better place.

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