Boarding Schools Association Conference

For the third consecutive year Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM), in partnership with the Boarding Schools Association, hosted a two-day conference for boarding staff. The conference gave staff the opportunity to share best practice in boarding and to develop skills and understanding on the pastoral issues facing boarding schools throughout the world. There were around 50 delegates in attendance from MCM Prep and Senior School, schools within Malaysia and from a wide variety of countries within the region. Sessions were delivered by the Boarding Schools Association Director of Training (Andrew Lewin) together with a variety of staff within MCM. The feedback from the course was extremely positive in terms of the content covered and the productive conversations between colleagues. It is the first time any school in Asia has partnered with the BSA (the largest provider of training for boarding staff in the world) to provide an internationally recognised certificate (BSA Certificate in Boarding (Overseas)). The staff who used the conference as a platform for the certificate course have now got the difficult task of narrowing down their area of research to one of the themes covered within the conference. Introducing such an initiative is a clear indication of the College’s drive to innovate and bring in best practice across all aspects of educational provision. There were great ideas shared on how delegates can improve the outcomes for boarders and the experiences of the staff who support them. We will now look forward to bringing about some of these changes and enjoy seeing our boarders flourish.


Some of the key themes which were led by MCM staff include:

  • The fundamentals of boarding – Alan Stevens (MCM Master)
  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – Jamie Lennard (Director of Sport) and Ben Wicling (Head of Prep School Sport)
  • Pupil voice – Magnus Cowie (MCM Deputy Head Pastoral)
  • Tracking the Wellbeing of pupils – Izzy Nixon (Head of Wellbeing at MCM Senior School)
  • Perception surveys to understand our pupils – Ruben Calverd (Housemaster MCM)
  • Medical Matters and being healthy – Dawn Saunders (MCM Head of Medical Care)


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