Reception UK Farm Trip

On Wednesday the 7th of November, Reception pupils took their first school trip to the UK Farm.  The children were very excited to go on the bus journey and to see all the animals.  When we arrived the lovely fresh farm smells filled the children’s noses.  The first stop on the tour was to feed the grown-up goats and the baby goats (kids).  The adult goats ate dried grass, which the children bravely fed to them.  The baby goats drank milk from the bottle.  They were very hungry and the children were very patient, making sure they held on tightly to the bottles and that the bottles were tilted at the correct angle.  After feeding the goats, the children then went to see the goats being milked.  They saw how the farmers looked after the goats, making sure they were washed properly before and after pumping.  The children tried three different flavours of milk original, chocolate and yoghurt. Their favourite was chocolate!  They then went back on their tour buses to feed the ducks and chickens, who all received the food excitedly.  After this, Reception went to visit the tall ostriches, deer and bunnies.  The children were thrilled to stroke the bunnies and see the holes they had been digging.  The final stop on the tour was to the exotic fruit area, where they saw how the passion fruit grew above their heads.  Then the pupils went to have their lunch before heading back to school.  UK Farm staff were very impressed with Reception’s behaviour and the children’s fantastic questions.

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